A revolutionary, whole-body approach to primary care that addresses the root cause.

Your primary care
the way it should be.

You deserve all-inclusive access to compassionate and proactive cutting-edge medicine, health and nutrition coaching and a supportive community that will equip you with the resources you need to get healthy, feel happier and live longer.


Imagine actually looking forward to your next doctor’s appointment. Learn how to get access to compassionate and personalized whole-body care.



Better care than your employees are currently getting for less than they’re currently paying. Our proactive and preventive approach will keep your employees happy, healthy and doing their best work.


Zero surprise bills or insurance claims.

Lifestyle, nutrition and prevention focused.

No rushed visits or long waiting times.

All-inclusive and flexible memberships.

Personalized and compassionate care.


Community Connected Care

You’re so much more than just a patient. When you join Clove Health, you’ll become a member of a supportive community designed to empower, educate and equip you with the resources you need to eradicate your disease. And as the world’s first Public Benefit Corporation in this space, we’ve made a binding commitment to doing exactly that.

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