More inclusive communication means more equitable healthcare.

Clove Health is a public benefit health communications company that makes it easier for healthcare organizations to promote health equity by providing their patients with inclusive, culturally responsive, and multilingual content.

What We Do

Content is a core part of an inclusive care experience.

Health content is no longer just a means of establishing credibility and providing patients with information — content has become a therapeutic intervention. It's one of the most potent and effective interventions that a healthcare organization can use to address health inequity and offer inclusive patient care.

Clove Health creates content that infuses inclusivity into everything you do.


Build trust and awareness with multilingual marketing and patient acquisition content specifically tailored to your patient population.


Keep patients engaged in their care with health education and therapeutic content that is affirming of their humanity and responsive to their culture.


Build highly efficient care delivery and clinical operations systems with accessible internal communications and provider resources.

Why we do it

Health equity benefits everybody.

Inclusive, affirming, culturally responsive care is better for patients and providers.

Patient benefits

Increased trust and safety

Reduced healthcare expenses

Greater care plan engagement

Increased access to care

More support and resources

Everybody benefits

Improved community health

Improved health literacy

Better outcomes

More effective communication

Improved relationships

Provider benefits

Reduced care delivery costs

Improved care quality

Streamlined workflows

Greater job satisfaction

Improved patient-provider relationships

Clear, compassionate communication creates better outcomes across the board.

Clove delivers content that is:

Culturally Responsive

Culturally responsive content reflects the knowledge that culture is ever-changing, and that every individual’s experience and perspective of their own culture and others’ cultures is unique.


Empathetic content is written with consideration given to how the voice and tone, structure, language, and environment in which its published could impact someone’s feelings, emotions, and behavior. It avoids insinuating guilt, shame, embarrassment, punishment, or fear.


Evidence-informed content holistically incorporates a variety of evidence from different sources, including anecdotal and lived experiences.


Accessible content considers how the channel and environment where content is published could impair someone’s ability to receive the most benefit from that content, and how the language used may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigma.


Salutogenic content balances education and information about the causes of disease with education and information about the factors that promote optimal functioning. It considers how the topics and messages communicated can be applied in someone’s life and the likelihood of encouraging therapeutic actions.


Trauma-informed content is developed with the consequences of traumatic stress in mind, particularly how trauma impacts someone’s ability to assess and receive information and how trauma impacts someone’s responses to various sensory inputs.


Anti-oppressive content recognizes how language can reinforce oppressive structures or actively work against them.

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Who we are

Clove Health believes value-based care needs values-based content.

Clove Health is a public benefit health communications company that makes it easier for healthcare organizations to promote health equity by providing their patients with inclusive, culturally responsive, and multilingual content.

We believe an inclusive approach to healthcare and health content can't be "one-size-fits-all." That's why our process is comprehensive and collaborative, tailored to your organization’s values, benchmarks, and the unique dynamics of the communities you serve.

Work with Clove

Let's reimagine the future of healthcare.

We specialize in developing inclusive content for:

  • Digital healthcare providers
  • Telemedicine and teletherapy practices
  • Digital therapeutics companies
  • Health and wellness coaching companies
  • Specialty medical practices
  • Care management providers
  • Training and education companies
  • Research and advocacy organizations