Who we are

You care about making healthcare inclusive.

We care about helping you do it.

Clove is a health communications company for businesses changing the way we think about health & wellness.

The landscape of healthcare is shifting

The landscape of healthcare
is shifting from

intervention to prevention.
fee-for-service to values-based care.
location-first to digital-first.
standardized to individualized.
transactional to collaborative.

Shouldn’t our language shift, too?

Inclusive care improves outcomes. When we build healthcare around the humanity of our patients and providers, everyone does better. Our communities are safer, healthier, and more equitable. Patients feel empowered. Providers feel engaged.

We created Clove to help you put inclusivity at the heart of how you do healthcare. Content is just the beginning.

Our team

Who We Are

Our founding team is a diverse group of educators, researchers, practitioners, and patients. We have a unique blend of professional, academic, and lived experiences that collectively empower us to do this work.

ENG: Tim Frie is pictured. He is a white man with a wide smile, short dark hair and dark rectangular glasses. | ESP: Tim Frie está en la foto. Es un hombre blanco con una amplia sonrisa, cabello corto y oscuro y anteojos rectangulares oscuros.

Tim Frie (he/him)


Tim is a health equity and health justice activist, mental health advocate, educator, and multidisciplinary researcher who is passionate about trauma-informed and inclusive health care. He started Clove Health because he doesn’t want anyone to experience what he and his family did while navigating the American healthcare system.

ENG: Sasha Aparicio appears in the photo. She is a white woman with long blond hair parted to the side and light-colored glasses. Sasha Aparicio aparece en la foto. Es una mujer de tez clara con cabello largo y rubio con raya a un lado y anteojos de color claro.

Sasha Aparicio (she/her/ella)

Chief Content Officer

Sasha is a food and nutrition anthropologist, multidisciplinary researcher, professor, writer, and advocate who is passionate about inclusive care, nutrition security, and health equity. She is Guatemalan-American and is bilingual in Spanish and English.

ENG: Ebony Williams is pictured. She is a black woman with a wide smile, and short, dark, curly hair parted to the side. | ESP: Ebony Williams aparece en la foto. Es una mujer de piel morena con una amplia sonrisa y cabello corto, oscuro y rizado con raya a un lado.

Ebony Williams (she/her)

Chief Health Equity Officer

Ebony is a multidisciplinary researcher, adjunct professor, health equity activist, health informatics professional, wellness coach, and patient advocate who is passionate about inclusive and equitable healthcare.

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