Ebony Williams

Ebony (she/her), who is described as energetic, joyful, and dedicated by her colleagues, is the Chief Health Equity Officer at Clove Health. She is a multidisciplinary researcher, adjunct professor, health equity activist, health informatics professional, wellness coach, and patient advocate who is passionate about inclusive and equitable healthcare. Ebony decided to join Clove Health because of her own lived experience and difficulties with navigating the healthcare system as a patient with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid disease, and supporting her family members as a patient care advocate. Ebony has first-hand experience with the harms of discrimination, stereotyping, and bias in the healthcare system, and she is energized by  equipping clinicians, patients, and caregivers with the knowledge and resources they need to advocate for themselves and to promote systemic change.

Ebony is an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University and works in the health informatics and training department at Johns Hopkins Health System. At Johns Hopkins, she has participated in and served on numerous committees and special project groups such as [examples of ones focused on community health, public health, health equity, IT, etc.] Prior, she worked as an instructional designer at Mount Sinai Health System and a research coordinator at the University of Massachusetts focused on understanding how cardiac muscle tissue fatigues and how herbal supplementation can help muscles adapt to damage. Ebony was also an undergraduate research fellow at both Yale University and the University of Minnesota. At Yale University, she explored the genetic influence of developmental delays in children with autism, and at the University of Minnesota, she researched motor proteins and protein function.

Ebony is currently pursuing a doctorate in health administration with a specialization in health policy and advocacy at Capella University. She currently holds a master of science degree in health informatics administration from the University of Maryland University College, a bachelor of arts degree in exercise physiology from Mount Holyoke College, a certificate in management from City University of New York, and a certificate in women’s entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Ebony also has several certifications in holistic nutrition, wellness coaching, personal training, and aromatherapy, along with numerous certifications in project management, health information, and electronic medical records administration.

In her role as the Chief Health Equity Officer at Clove Health, Ebony works with the company’s clients and team to ensure that the company’s strategy prioritizes health equity and justice and that all of the content developed for clients is inclusive, anti-oppressive, and promotes equity.

Outside of her work at Clove Health, Ebony is the owner and operator of an aromatherapy business called Soula Beauty Company, a women’s thyroid health coach, and hosts a podcast called Thyroid Warrior.