Sasha Aparicio

Sasha (she/her/ella), who describes herself as receptive, generous, and of honest character, is the Chief Content Officer at Clove Health. She is a food and nutrition anthropologist, multidisciplinary researcher, professor, writer, and advocate who is passionate about inclusive care, nutrition security, and health equity. Sasha decided to join Clove Health because, growing up in both rural and urban Guatemala, she became acutely aware of the disparities in access to education, health, and food security, on the basis of language, ethnicity, geographic location, and identity. She firmly believes that everyone should have access to care that respects and values them as individuals. 

In the past, Sasha has served as a consultant and subject-matter expert for countless non-government and nonprofit advocacy organizations, social enterprises, and government agencies that address food insecurity, school meal programs, malnutrition, rural value chains, and gender equity. She has served as a professor at Universidad Galileo, Universidad Fransisco Marroquín, and Universidad Panamericana in Guatemala teaching food and nutrition anthropology, applied nutrition, intercultural and gender perspectives, and knowledge and information management for development to undergraduate and graduate students. As a writer and instructional designer, she has developed health education and professional training content for supplement companies, professional trade associations, certification providers, universities, and other healthcare professionals. Some of her most notable projects include working with the UN World Food Program, UNICEF, the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama, and Action Against Hunger. She is a co-author of scientific papers in the Food and Nutrition Bulletin, The Chilean Nutrition Journal (Revista Chilena de Nutrición), and Interethnic Studies (Estudios Interétnicos). She is an advisory board member of the American Safety Council. 

Sasha is currently pursuing her Nutrition and Dietetics Licensure at Universidad Galileo. She currently holds a master of science degree in nutrition from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and a bachelor of arts degree in anthropology and an undergraduate certificate in social entrepreneurship from Tufts University.

In her role as the Chief Content Officer at Clove Health, Sasha works with the company’s clients and team to ideate and create health and instructional content that is culturally appropriate, trauma-informed, inclusive, and optimally incorporates not only scientific standards of evidence, but also the lived-experience of others.

Outside of her work at Clove Health, Sasha is married, and a mom of two kids, three dogs, with whom she lives in the outskirts of Guatemala City. In her free time, she volunteers at her son’s school experiments with sourdough, and reads historical novels.

Top 3 favorite foods: Atol de elote, mango with lime and salt, and really a good glazed doughnut.

Pet names: Milo, Bruno, and Moza

Favorite movie genres: Romantic comedies and animates kids’ movies. 

Biggest lesson learned in 2022: Learning about your boundaries is the first step; next is learning how to communicate them. 

Looking forward to in 2023: Bringing Clove Health to life!