Tim Frie

Tim is an health equity and health justice activist, mental health advocate, and educator and multidisciplinary researcher who is passionate about trauma-informed and inclusive health care. He started Clove Health because he doesn’t want anyone to experience was he and his family did while navigating the American healthcare system.

Tim grew up in a small town in a rural area that required his family to drive more than an hour for medical and dental care. As a result, he experienced first-hand how a lack of access negatively impacts community health. He is blind in his left eye, has a chronic illness, survived childhood trauma, is neurodivergent, gay, and brings all of these lived experiences as a human being and patient into his work at Clove Health and in his community.

Prior to starting Clove Health, Tim worked at a number of different companies in the health and medical education, digital health, and real estate industries. He co-owned a consultancy and real estate brokerage before making a drastic career change after he was hospitalized for a mysterious illness. He has served as a volunteer for a variety of campaigns for political action commitees, committees and boards for advocacy and non-profit organizations, and contributes as an abstract and policy reviewer for the American Public Health Association. He briefly served as a member of the teaching faculty at his alma mater, the University of Western States.

Tim is pursuing a doctor of health science degree in mental health from Bay Path University. In addition to completing several doctoral level courses in public health, Tim also holds a master of science in human nutrition and functional medicine, a bachelor of arts in industrial and organizational psychology, an associate of science degree in human resources administration, a post-master’s certificate in trauma-informed clinical practice from New York University, a certificate in value-based care from Western Governors University, and received designation as a Dr. Richard Merkin Scholar from the Institute for Advancing Health Value. He has also completed a number of professional certifications in health and wellness coaching, health behavior, health communications, trauma-informed care, digital marketing, and human resources management.

Tim lives with his fiance, TJ (who is also named Tim), and their dog, Fern. They are both originally from Delaware, but have lived in the Tampa Bay, Florida area for several years and are in the process of relocating to Athens, Georgia. In his spare time, Tim enjoys watching movies (especially horror, sci-fi, and thrillers), road cycling, weightlifting, reading about social sciences, and spending time outdoors with his family. 

Top 3 values: intersectionality, perpetual growth, and adaptability

Top 3 favorite foods: Chocolate frosted donuts, steak with a loaded baked potato, and brussel’s sprouts with bacon

Favorite music genres: Lo-fi, hip-hop, R&B, and classic rock

Biggest lesson learned in 2022: Sometimes you accomplish more by doing less.

Looking forward to in 2023: Changing my pace of life by moving to a new state.