The benefit of care,
not plans.

Give your team better care than they’re currently getting, for less than you’re currently paying.

Affordable alternative

Save 40% or more on your anticipated healthcare benefit costs and never worry about unexpected premium jumps.

No added infrastructure

Focus on your work and we’ll navigate the administration of our care.

Effortlessly scalable

Our direct model of care is perfect for your growing startup or small business.


There when you need us

Unlimited in-person and virtual access to your employee’s care team. Plus, connect with a community of other members for motivation and accountability to keep your employees engaged and excited about their work.


Convenient appointments

Same or next-day scheduling, virtual appointments and flexible appointment times allow your employees to focus their time, ask all of their questions, and minimize their need to miss work.


Address the root cause

We’ll guide your team along the pathway to eradicating their health problems, reducing (or even stopping) their medication and reclaiming control of their health.


You’re the priority

As the world’s first Public Benefit Corporation with Pending B-Certified status in this space, we’ve made an audacious binding commitment to making our planet and its people healthier and happier.


Everything your employees need

Lifestyle & nutrition first

We address key genetic, nutrition and lifestyle factors before writing prescriptions.

Flexible memberships

All-inclusive memberships designed to fit you and your employees budget and goals.

Discounted testing

Offer savings up to 90% off standard blood tests and imaging services.

No third-party restrictions

Never worry about surprise bills, hiked premiums or unexpected administrative costs.

Secure portal

Measure your results, connect with others and chat with your care team in your secure portal.

Resourceful community

Feel empowered and equip your people with the resources they need to stay healthy, energetic and productive.


Your company’s pathway to health

You’re employees are so much more than just patients and employees. When your company joins Clove Health, your entire team will become members of a supportive community designed to empower, educate and equip you with the resources you need to eradicate your disease. And as the world’s first Public Benefit Corporation in this space, we’ve made a binding commitment to doing exactly that.

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